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Barry Kun Kazakh Komatsu excavator is walking only in slow gear and the boom is also slow to trouble repair

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A Komatsu excavator in Barikun, Kazakh Autonomous County, Xinjiang has only a slow gear and no fast gear. Pressing the speed switch of the excavator can hear the sound of the solenoid valve acting and the boom of the excavator is slow, but the powerful oil pump is still working scald.

Komatsu Excavator Maintenance Master shares the failure analysis and inspection of "Komatsu excavator walking only in slow gear and slower boom raising":

、我们先来检查换速开关看是不是开关坏了而引起的挖机行走只有慢档没有快档。 1. Let's check the speed switch first to see if the switch of the excavator caused by the broken switch is only slow and not fast.

、如果我们排查切换开关没有问题那么就要排查挖机用的液压油是不是出现变质。 2. If we check that there is no problem with the switch, then we must check whether the hydraulic oil used in the excavator has deteriorated.

、如果排查完油也没有问题就要检查挖机泵变量,因为一般情况下如果挖机升大臂慢但是做动作有力都是因为变量有问题所引起的。 3. If there is no problem after checking the oil, check the pump variable of the excavator, because in general, if the excavator's boom is slow but the action is strong, it is caused by a problem with the variable.

、最后如果上面说的都没有问题的话那就可能是液压出现问题了,另外如果挖机分配泵的液压油流量分开了行走也就慢了。 4. In the end, if there is no problem with the above, it may be a problem with the hydraulic pressure. In addition, if the hydraulic oil flow of the excavator distribution pump is separated, it will be slow.