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Kota Steel Excavator, Akto County, Xinjiang

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Excavator repairs reflect that when an excavator works cold in Akto County, Xinjiang, it works normally, but after an hour or two of work, the excavator's movements are slow.

Xinjiang Kalite Excavator Repair Factory analyzes the causes of the slow motion of Kobelco excavators:

、如果发动机的功率够而挖机动作慢那我们要结合挖机使用的时间以及挖机作业环境来分析判断是不是因为挖掘机液压泵内部零件磨损液压系统出现内泄才导致的挖掘机全车动作慢。 1.If the power of the engine is sufficient and the excavator moves slowly, we must analyze and determine whether the excavator is caused by internal wear of the hydraulic pump of the excavator due to internal wear of the excavator hydraulic pump and the excavator operating environment. The car moves slowly.

、挖掘机在冷车的时候干活都正常,在热车出现动作慢情况的时候说明是当挖掘机干活时间变长液压油的温升高以后出现的挖掘机全车动作慢现象。 2. The excavator works normally when the car is cold. When the hot car is slow, it means that the excavator's whole car moves slowly after the hydraulic oil temperature rises.

、在出现了动作慢现象以后要先检查挖机发动机的功率够不够,因为发动机功率和液压泵功率不匹配就会导致挖掘机全车动作慢故障情况出现。 3. After the slow action occurs, check the power of the excavator engine is sufficient, because the engine power and hydraulic pump power mismatch will cause the excavator to move slowly and cause failures.

、如果液压系统和分配阀都没有问题的话就检查泵上面的先导齿轮泵。 4. If there are no problems with the hydraulic system and the distribution valve, check the pilot gear pump on the pump.

、如果挖掘机液压系统工作正常就检查挖掘机多路分配阀等是不是有磨损或者是变脏以及多路阀上其他阀之间的间隙太大引起的挖掘机全车动作慢故障。 5. If the hydraulic system of the excavator works normally, check whether the excavator multi-way distribution valve is worn or dirty, and the gap between other valves on the multi-way valve is too large.