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The key elimination methods of inadequate digging force in Hitachi walking climbing in Aheqi County, Xinjiang

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Excavator repair failure explanation: A Hitachi-type excavator in Aheqi County, Xinjiang, experienced incapability of climbing and climbing and insufficient excavation force after using it for more than 10,000 hours.

Our excavator repair shop analyzes the possible reasons for the failure of "Hitachi's weak climbing and climbing power and insufficient digging force":

、液压泵和先导泵以及操作阀出现内泄。 1. Internal leakage occurs in hydraulic and pilot pumps and operating valves.

、主回路和先导回路安全阀故障压力低。 2 , the main circuit and pilot circuit safety valve failure pressure is low.

、对应的安全溢流阀和平衡阀以及缓冲阀等故障。 3 , the corresponding safety relief valve and balance valve and buffer valve failure.

Xinjiang Kailite Excavator Repair Factory shared on-site troubleshooting instructions for "Hitachi's weak climbing and inadequate digging force":

、故障出现以后先排查挖机的先导压力值。 1. Check the pilot pressure of the excavator after the fault occurs.

、还要检查挖机液压泵的压力值。 2. Also check the pressure value of the hydraulic pump of the excavator.