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Carter excavator in Wucha County, Artush City

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After the Carter excavator's crusher machine worked for three or four hours, there was a delay in cracking. (The hydraulic system of the excavator is already working when you step on the pedal, and the breaker will wait for three or four seconds to start working.) Let's analyze the repair method of this type of excavator.

Analysis of the "Unresponsiveness of Carter Excavator Breaking Hammer" in Xinjiang Kalite Excavator Maintenance Factory:

、可能是液压系统内漏,建议可以先测一下气压。 1. It may be an internal leak in the hydraulic system. It is recommended that the air pressure be measured first.

、挖机氮气不够了。 2. The nitrogen of the excavator is not enough.

、把氮气差不多放到6 公斤然后把平率调快点就好了。 3 , put the nitrogen to about 6 kg and then adjust the level faster.

Broken hammer unresponsive failure scene Carter excavator maintenance method:

公斤的位置然后把挖机作业平率调快点就能够解决挖掘机破碎锤反应迟钝的故障。 The excavator breaker hammer nitrogen can be put to the 6 kg position and then the excavator operation level can be adjusted faster to solve the problem of unresponsiveness of the excavator breaker hammer.