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Xinjiang Shufu County Volvo engine burning oil and large oil consumption and other maintenance methods

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: Excavator repair failure phenomenon explanation added :

1 6 千小时以后出现挖机发动机烧机油的故障问,挖机的机油消耗量比以前大很多。 After 16,000 hours of use of the Volvo excavator , there was a problem with the engine oil burning of the excavator. The oil consumption of the excavator was much larger than before.

Xinjiang Kalit excavator maintenance plant "Volvo engine burns oil and high oil consumption" fault scene inspection situation:

、我们首先检查挖机机油量是不是加的太多,然后接着检查挖机发动机活塞和活塞环以及发动机气缸套有没有出现磨损情况。 1. We first check whether the amount of oil in the excavator is too much, and then check whether the pistons and piston rings of the excavator engine and the cylinder liner of the excavator are worn.

、如果我们检查都正常的话就接着再检查挖机发动机废气涡轮增压器浮动油封是不是有损坏情况出现。 2. If we check that everything is normal, then check whether the floating oil seal of the exhaust turbocharger of the excavator engine is damaged.

、如果增压器浮动油封有损坏就需要更换新的。 3. If the floating oil seal of the turbocharger is damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one. If there is no damage, you must also rush to check whether the engine valve guide is broken. If the engine valve guide is damaged, it will cause the engine oil and oil consumption of the excavator to be large.

Volvo engine burns oil and oil consumption in large quantities on-site repair:

After an on-site inspection by our excavator maintenance engineer, it was found that the failure was caused by the engine valve duct rupture of the excavator. Therefore, after replacing the new valve duct, the engine burned oil and the large oil consumption fault was eliminated. Excavator abnormal noise repair