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Maintenance and repair of general faults such as the engine cylinder of Komatsu excavator in Shule County, Xinjiang

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Common causes of engine cylinder failure in Komatsu excavator maintenance in Shule County:

、发动机活塞冷却喷嘴工作不良或者活塞环的开口的间隙太小。 1. The engine piston cooling nozzle is not working properly or the gap of the piston ring opening is too small.

、发动机涡轮增压器涡轮轴、泵轮轴、密封环磨损导致进油进入发动机进气道( 排气道) ,进气道机油被燃烧以后活塞顶部大量积碳让活塞的散热作用降低了然后出现挖掘机发动机拉缸现象。 2. Engine turbocharger turbine shaft, pump wheel shaft, and seal ring wear cause oil to enter the engine's air inlet ( exhaust) . After the oil in the air inlet is burned, a large amount of carbon deposits on the top of the piston reduce the cooling effect of the piston. The cylinder pull phenomenon of the excavator engine appears.

、发动机唇形油封磨损,柴油进入正式齿壳而流入油底壳里面造成发动机机油变稀压力降低让活塞、气缸等的冷却和润滑受到影响从而导致了挖掘机发动机拉缸现象。 3. The lip oil seal of the engine is worn out. The diesel oil enters the formal tooth shell and flows into the oil pan, which causes the engine oil to become thinner and the pressure to decrease will affect the cooling and lubrication of the piston and cylinder, which will cause the excavator engine to pull the cylinder.

、发动机气缸套与支承孔配合不当或者是机油冷却器工作不良。 4. Improper cooperation of engine cylinder liner and support hole or poor working of oil cooler.

Komatsu excavator repair methods for the engine cylinder failure are:

、一般前期出现发动机拉缸现象我们可以采用手工打磨或者是重新研磨的方法来把气缸修复。 1, the general pre-emergence of the phenomenon of cylinder engine pull method is hand-polished or reground we can use to repair the cylinder.

、如果是后期出现发动机拉缸现象就要更换气缸套或用重镗气缸,然后选配加大活塞和活塞环的方法来修复排除挖掘机发动机拉缸故障情况。 2, if the engine late Scuffing phenomena appear to be replaced with a cylinder liner or a cylinder bore heavy and optional increasing piston and ring method to repair negative Scuffing excavator engine failure.