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1. Failure phenomenon A Carter excavator 320D, during the work, under the condition of continuous heavy load, there will be irregular stalls or even stalls. ...


Non-road machinery opens a new emission standard Kubota small excavation first entered the "National Three" era April 1, 2016, in addition to the well-known April Fool's Day, in the ...

当工程机械设备开始“衰老” 该怎么保养?

How to maintain when construction machinery and equipment begin to "aging"? After using the loader, excavator and other machinery for a period of time, the sensitivity of the operating mechanism often deteriorates, and the work ...


Komatsu's ICT bulldozer and ICT hydraulic excavator won the Japan Machinery Society (Technology) Award Recently, Komatsu's "ICT bulldozer and ICT hydraulic excavator" won ...

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